We make it easy to have a clean and seamless transition to using our cleaning services.

Air- and surface-borne infectious bacteria and indoor air quality have become top-of-mind facility issues. Is the health of your building's occupants at risk of being compromised by inadequate cleaning practices, antiquated equipment or ineffective janitorial services?

Whether you have made the decision to outsource or are dissatisfied with your current cleaning vendor, Commercial Cleaning Corporation has established and proven procedures for partnering with you to achieve a clean and seamless transition to our comprehensive cleaning solutions.

A Change for the Better

To ensure efficient continuity of service, we deploy a transition team from our corporate headquarters to inspect your facility and develop a customized transition plan which captures your cleaning objectives and facility requirements.

The plan comprehensively details everything from which areas are to be cleaned, how often and when, and familiarizing our staff with your facility's security systems and procedures.

The plan enables us to allocate supplies and equipment as well as organize and orient Commercial Cleaning Corporation supervisors and janitorial personnel to your facility. The transition team will remain with the operation until consistent levels of service are achieved.